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1440 rue Stanley
Montréal, QCH3A 1P7

(514) 849-8393

Opening Hours

Monday 6:00-22:45
Tuesday 6:00-22:45
Wednesday 6:00-22:45
Thursday 6:00-22:45
Friday 6:00-22:45
Saturday 7:15-19:45
Sunday 7:15-19:45

Activities & Amenities



  • Student Rate
  • Senior Rate
  • Corporate Rate


  • Fitness Club/Studio


  • Open Gym
  • Group Classes
  • Walking/Running
  • Stretching
  • Spinning


  • Bootcamp
  • Other Types of HIIT


  • Swimming

Yoga & Pilates

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Meditation


  • Zumba®
  • Belly Dance
  • Other Dance Styles

Combat Sports

  • Kickboxing
  • Karate
  • Qigong
  • Tai Chi

Team Sports

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

Sports & Activities

  • Squash
  • Badminton
  • Racquetball


  • Juice Bar/Resto
  • Sauna
  • Daycare
  • Lufa Farms - Pick-Up Point

Specialty Classes

  • Youth Fitness
  • Seniors' Fitness
  • Adapted Fitness


  • Personal Training

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hated it

8 days

★★★★I remember I used to go there for bodybuilding. One time, I needed to use the "inclined" bench press. There was no one there and no towel..I looked around for like 2 minutes and nobody was there. So I decided to start training there. But then, this dude ( a black tall chubby dude ) came to me and says " Hey man, I'm there".... I look at him and told him that I didnt see any towels on the machine nor anyone training there... He responded back " Well too bad, im there, you can't use the machine" . I was really upset and call the management to complaint.. but guess what, the person in charge ( another black old man ) was his friend, and he took his friend's side and told me to find another machine. Now I was "really upset... worst experience in my whole life. I went to the man dresser room to change and that old man followed me to ask me for my ID... I'm like..." why should I give you my ID?" He's telling me for verification purposes. I told him "no" I dont have to give you anything espacially after what happen. People don't have the right reserve a machine ESPACIALLY if there's no evidence that someone is there ( like leaving a towel on the machine for instance? Hello? anybody here? ) and also, even if he was training there, he could of "shared" the machine with me as this was a public gym... I've been training for more then 23 years and I must admit that this gym is by far the "worst" I've been to. I think few years later, I decided to give it another shot and came back to train again.. but this time, it was worst, there was this "rep" guy who was I'm assuming a "coach" or something as they all had red YMCA shirt with "coach" on their back. Well, Not sure why, but this white kid was following me everywhere I go. I really don't know if he had a crush on me.. or if he was spying on me or whatever. All I know is that this kid ( in his 20's I guess ) was getting on my nerves for always staring at me and following me during my training time. Well, anyways, I decided to never come back there, This is a gym for "old people" or "newbies" Not for advance bodybuilders. Cheers.

loved it

2 months

★★★★★Friendly helpful staff, Zumba and yoga classes are great, gym/pool are clean and not to busy.

loved it

8 months

★★★★★Very nice gym. I like the track that goes around the weight lifting area. Locker room is also spacious and clean. Some of the weight machines are getting old, but not too bad.

loved it

9 months

★★★★★Have been training here since I was a McGill student and, 22 years later, I'm still training here. The staff is friendly and the instructors are great. Good variety of courses, good towel service. The Membership Plus locker room could use some renovations, but overall it's a nice vibe here.

liked it

9 months

★★★★I have been a member at this YMCA and it is a very nice place, yes the front people letting you in are rude. The facilities are great, I took Yoga, Pilates and fitness classes and all the instructors were very helpful. As far as the bathroom, showers, sauna, people it's a public place you need to take precautions, seriously if you are walking around that area barefoot, well guess what you are asking for problems, I wish people would wake up and pay attention at where they are. Overall I like the YMCA

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