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6500 rue Magloire
Saint-Léonard, QCH1P 1N8

(514) 519-5673

Activities & Amenities



  • Free Trial


  • Fitness Club/Studio


  • Open Gym
  • Group Classes

Yoga & Pilates

  • Yoga
  • Pilates


  • Zumba®
  • Hip Hop

Combat Sports

  • Taekwondo

Sports & Activities

  • Gymnastics


  • Parking
  • Wifi
  • Daycare

Specialty Classes

  • Youth Fitness
  • Seniors' Fitness
  • Pre/Post-Natal

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loved it

12 days

★★★★★We went for a birthday party and it was amazing. Great activities for active kids! The guy that run the games had lots of energy and great attitude!

loved it

19 days

★★★★★Le service est excellent! C'est très chaleureux et la propriétaire est juste parfaite. Toujours à l'écoute de nos besoins.

2 months

★★★★★Quelle belle expérience! Ma petite puce adore réellement. L'acceuil est hyper chaleureux et comme une belle grande famille. Ma petite puce qui est souvent très gênée ou qui a dela difficulté à faire des choses nouvelles a été bien entourée et elle a adoré essayer la poutre. Merci beaucoup!

hated it

12 months

★★★★STOLE MY MONEY!! NIGHTMARE!!! BEWARE!!!! I called this gym to inquire about putting my almost 3 year old in their 3-5 yr old class. They told me to bring her in to try one class (didn't tell me a price). When I brought her in no one explained or informed me about anything. They had me fill out information and just put her in the class. During the first 15 minutes the instructor nearly dropped my daughter and she busted her lip (but she was fine, she went back in after crying) after the class the instructor told me to come back next week to try the parent class. I had to ask her 'so how does this work' and she proceeded to sell me 9 classes and I had to pay half upfront. BIGGEST MISTAKE! Immediately after I left I got an email bill of $200 asking me to sign(I never did). It wasn't until I reviewed the video I took of the instructor dropping my daughter that I realized she could have been really injured, and I decided that it would be best to wait the 3 months until she turned 3. I called back 6 days later to ask what I could do. Only to be told they probably would not refund me. I explained my situation in detail, that I am a single mother on welfare and apologized for the time frame but the lady was rude and didn't want to deal with me. I asked to speak to the owner and she told me that wasn't possible. When I called back the same girl told me she could give me back $40 from the $100 I paid and I wouldn't have to pay the other $100 balance. I said "So you're just going to steal my money? I went to one class why would you give me $40 back out of $100?" She proceeded to try and tell me it was a 'penalty' because I called on Friday (which is a LIE. I called THURSDAY the day before the class) She was just trying to find any reason to argue with me. She was riding on the fact that I called 6 days after the class and changed my mind. But by the tactics of these people I wouldn't doubt if I had called the next day they would have still refused to refund me. Not to mention she was rude, interrupted and never let me explain until I raised my voice and told her to listen to me, then yelled at me "NO I WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOU" Obviously, this place is desperate for money if they rather steal $100 from a single mother on welfare. Thieves!

loved it

over 2 years

★★★★★Great place for kids of any age! My daughter's always have a blast when they go and the prices are very reasonable. 5 🌟 from me !

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