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Parc Wilson
Verdun, QC

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  • Tennis

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loved it

9 months

★★★★★This park is really great. There is a swing for mommy to sit with baby. There is a handicap swing. There are apparatus for older and younger kids as well as a splash pad. Not enough you say? Well there is a mini bike/scooter trail and lots of grass to picnic or play on. Also there is shade and seating for parents. Truly one of the best parks in Verdun for kids under twelve.

liked it

9 months

★★★★Great park 😊 my daughter loves it there. Think they need to update there sprinkler system tho,maybe add a few more swings 😁

liked it

9 months

★★★★They renovated this park in 2017. It is a cool small neighborhood park for the kids. The water play is very small and showing its age. The design of having bigger kids biking and skating through the toddler's area is a flaw and a accident waiting to happen. Thankfully most parents that visit the park are responsible.

liked it

over 1 year

★★★★Fantastic parc. Well gated. However i find that water area is too close to other games. Absolutely love the long chairs. Few more of those would have been nice!

liked it

over 1 year

★★★★Good play ground for younger children. Small old fashion water park and very long in park bike trail. Perfect for kids to learn and practice.

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