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Parc Westmount
Westmount, QC

Activities & Amenities



  • Municipal
  • Outdoor
  • Park - Sports/Recreation


  • Walking/Running

Team Sports

  • Soccer
  • Football

Sports & Activities

  • Cycling

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loved it

8 days

★★★★★Such beautiful ancestral trees allover, lots of land, always find a quiet spot, yet not dangerous, been going there since my daughter was little and we always find something new to explore. If you dont like squirrel it,s not for you! Because they rule the park in a gentle manner. VERY well maintain and guards patrolling . something for everyone.

loved it

16 days

★★★★★Cover with Snow, it's beautiful! I recommend! @travelwithtin

19 days

★★★★★Always a nice place to go for a stroll and to take the kids to play

liked it

3 months

★★★★It's fall so the park is not as nice as in the summer but still a nice place to walk around. The smell from the dog park is overwhelming though, it made us retreat to other locations in the park so we could breath.

liked it

6 months

★★★★Nice park close to downtown. Lots of activities for the children. Soccer field and paths to walk. There is free parking on both sides of the park. Opened all year round. There is a small building with washrooms inside. You can feed the ducks. Playground equipment for young and older children.

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