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Côte-Des-Neiges — Notre-Dame-De-Grâce

Parc Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
Montréal, QC

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loved it

22 days

★★★★★Beautiful park!! Big baseball field, they sometimes have movies in the park in the evenings. There is a water playground and a reasonably sized jungle gym with a sand bottom. There is a beautiful dog park renovated this year (2019). They also have have a water fountain for the dogs to drink from. LOTS OF ROOM TO LAY IN THE GRASS. ( Always look for mines before sitting ndg is VERY dog friendly

liked it

29 days

★★★★It is a beautiful and relaxing park with a dog park, a water park and a playground for kids. Before the windstorm of August 22nd, 2017, there were lots of old trees. Nice idea to have a play in the park but was hard to hear without a decent sound system and then adding an inconsiderate person sitting next to me on the bench talking none stop on her cell phone, turned out to not be much fun.

loved it

about 1 month

★★★★★Nice playgrounds, one for small kids and one for bigger kids. Chalet with toilet and indoors space really convenient. Water park in summer and ice skating in winter. Great park!

liked it

4 months

★★★★Great little park. Great area to walk your dog. There is space to let the dog run free. There is a space for children to play with bikes / skateboards. There is also lots of space to lay down a blanket and have a picnic or read a book. Good spot to enjoy the beautiful weather in the summer.

liked it

5 months

★★★★Notre Dame de Grace is a fine residential area, with some older brick houses, in streets canopied by beautiful large trees, and a few "in" streets for shopping and lounging in quaint cafes and authentic ethnic eateries. A Montreal quarter with a unique character of its own. It also goes down to the part of Sherbrook street with its good stores, and restaurants. Some of the restaurants and cafes have sidewalk seating too. Parking might be hard to find at times. Enjoy your visit!

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