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Ahuntsic — Cartierville

11451 boulevard de l'Acadie
Montréal, QCH3M 2T1

Activities & Amenities



  • Municipal
  • Outdoor
  • Park - Sports/Recreation


  • Swimming

Team Sports

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Baseball

Sports & Activities

  • Tennis
  • Skateboarding
  • Inline Skating

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liked it

3 months

★★★★It still a nice and a very good place to spend some natural time so far. Place is clean and very well organized. For the last 3 times i went there for a walk then i did not notice anything to complain about. Hopefully the situation will remain like that for a long time

liked it

4 months

★★★★Great park in the summer, lots of green space, but the City needs to do something so that it is of some usefulness for winter activities.

liked it

6 months

★★★★Decent, but certainly not the best Montreal has to offer

loved it

6 months

★★★★★Nice big clean park with ample parking for small events. Has both a baseball and soccer field along with the usual park stuff

loved it

7 months

★★★★★It’s amazing. It has a small skate park, a football field, a basketball field, a baseball field, a tennis terrain, an ice-skating rink and a pool (olympic + baby + water games). It also has two spots for children to play with slides and such and to even play with some musical instruments as well. It has a cute little bridge and some “cultural” spots for Phoenicians. It is also like any other park: green with benches and picnic tables. Almost in the middle, there is a big empty space that one can be creative with. It doesn’t end there! There is a forest with several entrances! It’s like one moment you’re in the street, the other you’re lost in some interesting and mysterious place coming out of a movie. I explored most of it, but I didn’t go deep into the “forest” because it was beginning to get dark. I am totally in love with this place. Almost forgot: there’s also a community garden (and maybe a museum, I am not really sure about the museum because I didn’t check it out).

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