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Ahuntsic — Cartierville

11451 boulevard de l'Acadie
Montréal, QCH3M 2T1

Activities & Amenities



  • Municipal
  • Outdoor
  • Park - Sports/Recreation


  • Swimming

Team Sports

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Baseball

Sports & Activities

  • Tennis
  • Skateboarding
  • Inline Skating

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liked it

4 days

★★★★Great arena, but very little parking so be wary

loved it

4 days

★★★★★Nice park love the soccer field

found it okay

about 2 months

★★★★★Like all the other parks in this area they are boring. Don’t get me wrong I love the green spaces but can we use them. There are so many parts of this park that are just never used. Can they put at least walking paths through them and if you venture through them beware of dog poop. There are a lot of dogs in this neighbourhood why not give them a fenced in area

liked it

5 months

★★★★It still a nice and a very good place to spend some natural time so far. Place is clean and very well organized. For the last 3 times i went there for a walk then i did not notice anything to complain about. Hopefully the situation will remain like that for a long time

loved it

9 months

★★★★★It’s amazing. It has a small skate park, a football field, a basketball field, a baseball field, a tennis terrain, an ice-skating rink and a pool (olympic + baby + water games). It also has two spots for children to play with slides and such and to even play with some musical instruments as well. It has a cute little bridge and some “cultural” spots for Phoenicians. It is also like any other park: green with benches and picnic tables. Almost in the middle, there is a big empty space that one can be creative with. It doesn’t end there! There is a forest with several entrances! It’s like one moment you’re in the street, the other you’re lost in some interesting and mysterious place coming out of a movie. I explored most of it, but I didn’t go deep into the “forest” because it was beginning to get dark. I am totally in love with this place. Almost forgot: there’s also a community garden (and maybe a museum, I am not really sure about the museum because I didn’t check it out).

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