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Parc Kirkland
Lachine, QC

Activities & Amenities



  • Municipal
  • Outdoor
  • Park - Sports/Recreation


  • Swimming

Team Sports

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Baseball

Sports & Activities

  • Tennis
  • Skateboarding
  • Skating

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loved it

6 days

★★★★★Great park. Clean pool its free. Sprinkler park. Tennis courts basketball courts skate park. Surveillance. Winter outdoor skating.

liked it

about 1 month

★★★★The pool is very chlorinated, to the point that my eyes stung just being with 15 feet of it. Otherwise, great park. Has a basketball area, tennis area, bocce ball area, and an outdoor skating rink. Some standard park jungle gym type area, and a kiddie water area. Very clean, lived in the area 6 years and have never seen more than a couple pieces of trash, which is amazing in this neighborhood.

hated it

about 2 months

★★★★Stop following my every moves

loved it

about 1 year

★★★★★Many amenities skating rink water game public pool tennis court basketball court wow

liked it

over 1 year

★★★★Skate park is okay, there's a park for young children and one for older. A very small water park with wayer geysers for hot summer days.

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