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Villeray — Saint-Michel — Parc-Extension

7920 boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montréal, QCH2R 2Y2

Opening Hours

Monday 6:00-00:00
Tuesday 6:00-00:00
Wednesday 6:00-00:00
Thursday 6:00-00:00
Friday 6:00-00:00
Saturday 6:00-00:00
Sunday 6:00-00:00

Activities & Amenities



  • Municipal
  • Outdoor
  • Park - Sports/Recreation


  • Walking/Running


  • Swimming

Team Sports

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Cricket

Sports & Activities

  • Tennis
  • Hiking
  • Skateboarding
  • Inline Skating
  • Skating


  • Parking
  • Wifi

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loved it

4 days

★★★★★I lived my youth around there and my Grandma used to bring me to the Expos games. I was very young but she taught me everything about baseball lol. Then in 3rd grade, our teacher brought us to a game. Then in High School I'd gather up with the guys cause I was now playing baseball with them and go often to see the Expos in the bleachers for $0.50 lol. I had my children around there still and brought them in the playground, we had 2 skating rinks 1 for hockey and 1 for free skating which I skated with my 2 sons and in the summer they played baseball and after we'd go swim in the small pool and growing up and go to the big pool. I have so many good memories. I even remember when my granddaddy brought me at the park, I was about 5 years old and taught me to fly a quite several times and go on the swings and pushed me, just as I did with my kids. My parents still live around there. It's been 58 years. And only good things happened. Specially to go and see several concerts. Genesis, Elton John, I think Supertramp and so many others. And of course Tennis became one of the biggest event. Just awesome living close by.

loved it

about 2 months

★★★★★Superb park, a hidden gem just north of little Italy. The park is huge and boasts a large number of different sections that each have their own vibe and activities going on. Beautiful lake with fountain and scenic seating areas, the tennis stadium and tennis courts that host the Rogers Cup, football pitches, baseball, children's play area, skatepark, outdoor swimming pool (open in the summer and free). This park really has it all!

loved it

about 2 months

★★★★★Wonderful place to visit as a tourist or local. Families and singles and couples and friends just hanging out is was what life is all about. Absolutely beautiful fountain and ducks with their ducklings and sand for the kids and park to play. Just wonderful 😀

about 2 months

★★★★★Wow. The updates and upgrades are really Impressive. Have not been to Jarry park in 20 years. Looks and feels great. Lots of kids and families. The park has been updated to accommodate people of all ages and cultures as well as different sports fields.

loved it

about 2 months

★★★★★Extremely nice park in the north east end of Montreal. There are lots of small ponds around, and lots of walking/bike paths perfect for the summer. It's also right near little italy, so you can spend a lot more time exploring the area and have food right after!

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