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Côte-Des-Neiges — Notre-Dame-De-Grâce

6445 avenue de Monkland
Montréal, QCH4B 1H2

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  • Municipal
  • Outdoor
  • Park - Sports/Recreation

Sports & Activities

  • Skateboarding

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7 days

★★★★My favourite park! It offers everything for a family to enjoy a sunny day in. The splash park the most popular I think along with the jungle gym. The indoor swimming pool and gym not far away. Very friendly community center at service to all N.D.G. residents.

8 days

★★★★Love the water park! The jungle gym is ok, gets really hot in the summer (no shade).

liked it

about 1 month

★★★★Nice park for a multiple of activities. Multiple splash pad areas right next to the playground area. A big field for festivals and a baseball diamond. Also has a big indoor sports center with swimming pools, basketball court, cafe and much more. Also park has a dog area, Bixi station and lots of benches & tables for picnics and relaxing in the outdoors.

about 1 month

★★★★A local park for the community. The NDG sport centre is right besides it. The playground does not have that much of equipment but still kids enjoy playing in there. During summer time the water play area is open and is quite fun for kids to ply. The grass filed can be used for soccer. Also there is a baseline field. In the west side of the park, you can bring your scooter or skateboard to play.

2 months

★★★★★Loved our time at Parc Benny! My 4 years old was ecstatic to see the water park had opened! Also happy to see the park was a bit cleaner than last summer.. still few junk near the water park, maybe to install a couple more garbage bin as now there are just one. But definately 👍🏾 for the change this year.

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