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Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

55 avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest
Montréal, QCH2T 2S6

(514) 905-5905

Opening Hours

Monday 6:00-23:00
Tuesday 6:00-23:00
Wednesday 6:00-23:00
Thursday 6:00-22:00
Friday 6:00-22:00
Saturday 8:00-18:00
Sunday 8:00-19:00

Activities & Amenities



  • Senior Rate
  • Corporate Rate


  • Fitness Club/Studio


  • Open Gym
  • Group Classes

Yoga & Pilates

  • Yoga
  • Pilates


  • Zumba®


  • Online Reservations
  • Health Services
  • Sauna
  • Private Showers

Specialty Classes

  • Weight-Loss


  • Personal Training
  • Sport-Specific Training

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hated it

26 days

★★★★It was a terrible experience and a huge headache to deal with. I signed up to get back in shape so I just wanted a regular gym membership to ease back into things. They basically won't let you do this, they push their personal trainers, group classes and nutritionists on you and they don't tell you what's in the fine print. I tried cancelling the training program THE NEXT DAY because I realized I had signed up for something I didn’t want. I was met with two rude managers who told me they couldn't do anything about it. Because I was within 30 days, I had to call headquarters and they cancelled the program but were unable to cancel the gym membership. I was harassed from that point on, it was so frustrating and such a negative experience that I signed up to another gym and wasted a lot money. I didn't want to step back into that place ever again. After I stopped going, they started calling, about 6 times and left messages on my phone even after I told them to stop contacting me. They would ask me when I was coming back, if/when I was going to renew my membership or try out a new program. Pure harassment. This place just wants your money and couldn't care less about your well-being. Also, they renevated the place and the layout is terrible, super cramped and small. I like the gym I go to now, they leave me the heck alone!!!

loved it

29 days

★★★★★I love this gym. Its clean it's not expensive and the equipment is new. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. Good atmosphere.

hated it

9 months

★★★★Nautilus YOU ARE DISTURBING US. Your new air conditioning system is running 24/7 and is too noisy. We request that you respect the evening and night hours. Please turn off your system at night. Too much NOISE POLLUTION! We will engage the municipal courts if necessary. Your neighbours 4530 Rue Clark.

hated it

10 months

★★★★The new space is absolutely terrible. Whoever designed it should take a minute to think if interior design is really what they should be doing. Its cluttered and cramped, dark and cold, the lockers are tiny, they removed the sauna, showers have no pressure and flimsy curtains. The workout equipment is old, the staff looks depressed, this gym is an absolute mess and there aren’t enough plates. The old space had old equipment but it had charm and good airflow. Now that that’s gone, this gym is definitely the worst one in the Plateau now, especially considering the price.

hated it

11 months

★★★★This post is quite long, but if you are reading these reviews because you actually want to know what this gym is like, you will get the full picture. This branch recently moved, and while the location is new and renovated, the gym itself is definitely not. The administration had neglected the upkeep of the equipment in the old premises, and most of it was just moved to the new space. I was actually told before the move that they do not regularly maintain the equipment and count on members to report breakdowns and are very slow to act on repairs, if at all. The new space is smaller and the layout is so awkward and poorly planned that it makes me strongly question the competence of the "designer" or contractor, or whoever made the decisions on the placement of the equipment. Walking through the space is like navigating a maze, and the air circulation is poor, with some corners noticeably warmer. Two sets of nine TV screens mounted in front of the cardio machines with a large one in the middle broadcasting Nautilus ads. Out of the nine, one is playing Nautilus ads, two are the same channel, and two have defective audio, just static and interference. The group class schedule is pitiful, and the courses lack variety and are inconsistent and sparse. They blame the lack of classes to the lack of participation, but people stopped going because the classes are an afterthought, and lack the professionalism that a gym of this "caliber" should be offering. The group workout room is down one floor at ground level, and is a narrow space with small windows, giving it a basement feel, and the weight rack sounds like it's about to crash down with every jump. The locker rooms are still a work in progress after three months. The showers have no water pressure, there is no shelf in the stall for soap or shampoo, and the curtains have not yet been properly installed and keep tearing or falling down and are not replaced. They have only been in the new premises for a few months and the lack of upkeep that was so obvious in the old space has started to show. Can you get a workout at this gym - yes. Can you get an equally good workout at a gym that charges half the membership fees or less - emphatic yes! Nautilus is banking on an old idea of loyalty and reputation that just doesn't hold up in these competitive times. They say that their high fees are due the superior quality of their equipment and course offerings, and this is definitely not the case. They overcharge for a basic service that is lacking, and promote only the extras that bring in more money, like personal trainers and semi-private group sessions. What all of these details and complaints add up to is a total lack of attention and customer care which extends not only to this branch, but the company as a whole, as even complaints to their head office are ignored. Do yourself a big favour and take your business elsewhere!

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