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634 boulevard Le Corbusier
Laval, QCH7N 0A9

(450) 686-9642

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hated it

about 1 month

★★★★Terrible place. I agree with another reviewer on how terrible the customer service is. I was 3 minutes late to a class and I understand the policy of not letting someone late in. However the gentlemen at the door did not have the decency to open the door and explain. It was my first time going there and it will certainly be the last. Businesses are run on customer service. Not on condescending people.

9 months

★★★★Avoid at all cost. I have warned you. Absolutely worst customer service ever experienced in my life. Condescending staff and no respect at all of the people. In the real world, when you're not talking to your yoga mat, you are expected to demonstrate respect towards individuals you encounter, especially if they are customer. Therefore, your staff should be able to fake a smile or at least minimize their rudeness level. I know it might be especially hard since they are probably superhuman and have a purer soul than any other human being. I know that having a triangle/circle/square tattoo and being educated at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world (UQÀM, Bharadvaja Yoga Insitute, Trump Hotel Yoga School, etc.) makes it hard for you guys to even talk to individuals that dare not to travel weekly to Thailand, Bangladesh or some other Yogi temple. While Moksha Yoga Laval brags about how much they are aligned with the seven philosophical pillars of yoga, it seems that they have been living in a bubble. Within that bubble, using keywords about soul, life, love, health is essential to transforming a simple workout into a transcending/awakening experience that will revolutionize the history of the City of Laval for the next generations. If you read between the lines, you'll find a 100% concentrated BS. Respect is not about writing a 1000 words essay on your website about how much the seven pillars are aligned within your life. Unless you are a regular at the location, don't expect them their soul to bond with yours. If you are looking to waste money and be looked down on by some superior souls, this is the place to go. Namaste :D ไปร่วมเพศตัวเอง PS. The last word is in Thai. The gurus from Moksha should be able to read it obviously. In case they are tired, they can use Google Translate.

loved it

10 months

★★★★★I was asked by Giuseppe Furino to review this awesome place !! It was for him life changing and it was a new beginning to a new way of living for your mind soul and body..... all because of the expertise of all the wonderful yoga masters... five stars all the way and more. Has recommended tons of people who are just as happy as he is!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

hated it

11 months

★★★★The service was absolutely appalling. Payed 50$ for my sister and I tried hard to be nice to the Latin American yoga teacher at the reception and he was exceptionally rude and kept being absolutely unbearable with his way of talking to me twice after that. If the teacher of such establishment that is suppose to bring feelings of compassion and peace towards oneself during a practice of yoga behaves in such a way, it is not surprising the crow was so frigid cold towards each other. I've been to many yoga places in Canada and United States and very few times did I ever see absolutely no one smiling or offering to open a door for somebody else. I would like to believe it was a one of a time occurrence in your establishment but please do mind the costumer service, it is after all the basis of your business.

about 1 year

★★★★★Great morning schedule for early birds. Lots of space for parking. They have now 2 rooms for Yoga classes. Great Team. Exceptional Teachers.

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