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Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

3988 rue Saint-Denis
Montréal, QCH2M 2W2

(514) 357-4222

Opening Hours

Monday 6:00-22:00
Tuesday 6:00-22:00
Wednesday 6:00-22:00
Thursday 6:00-22:00
Friday 6:00-21:00
Saturday 8:00-20:00
Sunday 8:00-20:00

Activities & Amenities



  • Corporate Rate


  • Fitness Club/Studio
  • Outdoor


  • Open Gym
  • Group Classes
  • Walking/Running
  • Spinning

Yoga & Pilates

  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Combat Sports

  • Boxing


  • Juice Bar/Resto
  • Health Services
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Private Showers
  • Towel Service
  • Wifi


  • Personal Training

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disliked it

3 months

★★★★★I signed up for that gym every year during 3 years, only during winter time. The facility are pretty good but they are terrible at keeping their clients... Like a lot of Montrealers, I only sign up for a gym during winter time only. Each year, they would ask me to pay inscription fees to renew my membership, although I was a client from the past year and they still had my information in their database. At one point I felt it was disrespectful... I signed up at econofitness since then, and I'm really happy!

found it okay

3 months

★★★★★Le Saint-Jude is a premium gym, with towel service and little extras like apples to munch after your workout. Keep in mind that this gym has an exceptional cost because of the extras they advertise. Minimum membership is over $130 per month, so you sort of expect to have all the fixings when you go there. The spa area is extra, and it's definitely the best part about this gym because they have two huge hot tubs outside. Very nice in the winter when snow is falling and it's never very crowded. But it used to be much classier. Here are a few things that changed over the course of 2018 and did not improve by the time I stopped going at the end of 2018: * The little towels they give you for removing sweat are very often gone. So you go over to the spa area but they're not there anymore either. Then you ask an employee, but they don't come back for a few minutes and they make it seem like it's the worst chore ever. More recently they got additional stock of these little towels, but they're not made from cotton and they don't wick away any moisture. The towel situation has just been exhausting all year long. Now there are lots more shower towels (huge improvement, should always have enough towels!) but every now and again I'm waiting on them to do laundry, and in mid-December I got, "sorry, one of our employees is sick today so we're behind on clean towels" and was told to use a robe as a towel. It's a stress that should not exist, but here I am still wondering to myself on my way to the gym if I'll have both a shower towel and a sweat towel today. * Locker rooms / changing area is too small. There are 3 showers and if a class gets out you're doing a dance with 12 other dudes trying to find a way to change, shower, and navigate the small space. In the winter, the area to swap shoes and store coats is almost a worse nightmare for the same reason (too many people, too small of space). They gym doesn't feel super populated necessarily, it's just these bottleneck places. Why would you put a vending machine (3-times the size of a regular vending machine), right in the area where a dozen people are trying to take off their shoes in crowded quarters? * Stuff isn't repaired, it's just removed. For example, there were two rowing machines, but one started making a noise so they just put it downstairs in the window as a form of advertising. They used to have a fizzy water dispenser, but after 6 months of the "temporarily out of order" sign they just removed it altogether. * Many other small issues. The lockers don't have handles so you're sort of swatting at it and trying to pry it open with wet hands. Recently they have added advertisements all over the change room mirrors, telling me about all the "spa days" I can purchase. The treadmills don't use a ground wire or something and they give you a little shock when you touch the screen, particularly when using headphones plugged into it. Invoices have to be requested and then somebody in a day or two will manually email it to you; I find it's very annoying that this isn't just automatically sent when my creditcard is charged. The third men's shower doesn't drain water properly and it's getting grimy. In summary, Saint-Jude is a nice place full of French doctors and friendly people, you should check it out... but if I ever come back to this gym in Montreal I would expect to feel classy again because of the cost of these premium extras. If it were half the price it would still be more expensive than the average Montreal gym but would be easily 5-stars, because I wouldn't be as upset that I'm paying for a 10cm towel that's unavailable sometimes.

disliked it

4 months

★★★★★I hate they have popcorn ceiling who in the right mind would get a decorator to do that. It's wrong. Two stars for this spa only for that sin.

hated it

4 months

★★★★I bought a 6 month massage and spa membership. They charged me 7 months. Even though I'd phoned a month before my last payment and was assured that they would not charge me again after the 6th month they still charged me a 7th month. I called and was told that they couldn't help me and someone would call me back in 5 days. I ended up reporting their fraudulent charge to my bank and canceling my credit card as i can't trust this company to be responsible with my financial information.

loved it

6 months

★★★★★more or less everything you need for fitness needs includinf the sauna and hot tub which i reallt love. a bit pricy, but thus is life

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