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Le Sud-Ouest

1150 rue Wellington
Montréal, QCH3C 1V8

(514) 933-8800

Opening Hours

Monday 24 hrs
Tuesday 24 hrs
Wednesday 24 hrs
Thursday 24 hrs
Friday 24 hrs
Saturday 24 hrs
Sunday 24 hrs

Activities & Amenities



  • Fitness Club/Studio


  • Open Gym
  • Group Classes
  • Walking/Running
  • Spinning


  • Bootcamp
  • Other Types of HIIT


  • Swimming

Yoga & Pilates

  • Yoga


  • Zumba®

Combat Sports

  • Mixed Martial Arts

Sports & Activities

  • Rebounding


  • Parking
  • Juice Bar/Resto
  • Sauna
  • Digital Locks
  • Daycare
  • Women-Only Section
  • 24/7


  • Personal Training

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hated it

6 days

★★★★Is it possible to give 0 stars? Cause this doesn’t even deserve 1. I joined klub athletik originally to work out with a friend and it’s been all regrets every since. Many of the features they sell you on are completely bogus. The sauna and steam room are either broken or filthy. The pool looks like it hasn’t been vacuumed all summer. The water in the fountains was hot for the majority of the summer. Gross. There’s legit a measly 15 machines in total and they are always completely loaded. Being 4’11, it’s completely discouraging to have to unload stacks of 45lb plates before every exercise. Given that this place was a complete disappointment and my job has been transferred to the West Island, I wanted to cancel my membership. I was told I had to pay half the balance to escape this garbage heap...$343!!! Funny how Klub doesn’t hold up their end of the deal but charges you your first born to leave. Thanks for nothing.

19 days

★★★★★So happy to have found this gym on a work trip to Montreal this past April. Looking forward to getting back. Its got all you need plus . Clean and friendly . You just gotta find the golden time when its not peak busy. They have a shake bar & little one stop supplement shop

disliked it

24 days

★★★★★This gym has no AC. The water in the God damn water fountains is warm. It’s like a sauna in here. Beyond packed at peak hours. The roof is leaking so they have buckets everywhere. The trainers are chill though.

hated it

25 days

★★★★Total waste of money. Virtually no equipment and what little they do have is always completely loaded by the previous user. No respect, even for the squat rack. The air conditioning never works and was unbearable during the heat wave. Pool hours change depending on which staff member you speak to. One told me is was closed for the rest of the week when in fact it was open. Internet is spotty at the quietest hours and worse when it’s busy, I spend half my workout fiddling with it to get my music going. The trainers don’t help with the already incredibly poor workout environment considering I’ve hard to wipe down sweaty machines after being used by their clients during their sessions. Teaching proper gym etiquette is personal training 101. The price is unreasonable to begin with ( charges a joining fee) and is made substantially worse by the lack of attention to even the most basic detail. If you care about your workout in any way, get a membership somewhere else. Edit: Today I had to choose between a bench that was covered in dandruff or another dripping with sweat. This place continues to impress.

loved it

about 2 months

★★★★★I love Klub for so many reasons As an avid gym goer (7 days a week) and a self proclaimed “gym snob” say this is one of the best I have ever tried Living in the US I was used to paying $30 per class at soul cycle. Classes at Klub are equally as amazing with fantastic teachers and they are part of your membership! This gym has it all! Great equipment, clean, great staff, steam and sauna, rooftop pool, and more free classes than any gym I’ve ever seen !

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