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4391 boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest
Laval, QCH7T 1C5

(450) 934-1021

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loved it

22 days

★★★★★Before Coming to Kali Yuga Yoga I was a 17 years old guy and I felt like Yoga was an “activity” for mostly women and for mostly relatively older people than myself. My judgemental mind was screaming at me not to try Yoga. However, I practiced a lot of sports and each time I would stop because I felt that something was missing. Plus, I had a lot of tension in my neck that forced me to seek for help through physiotherapists and chiropractors. Without wanting to take away anything from those therapists, their treatments would only last a day, and my neck pain would grow back, tormenting me more than ever. At that time of suffering, I didn’t care about how people would perceive a 17 years old guy do Yoga, all I cared about was to reduce the pain that I was feeling. After Coming to Kali Yuga Yoga Peter, the teacher, was a really nice guy and I felt it as soon as I saw him. The well lighted place gave me a good vibe and the people there were real nice people and I overall felt pretty welcomed and it was totally different from what I thought it would be like. But again, my judgemental mind kicked in whenever Peter was taking the practice in a more spiritual manner. I like to share what I think to people and so I confronted Peter with my thoughts about his spiritual beliefs and this unfolded into many enriching conversations. At first, I was still pretty close-minded, but I kept at the practice. Within two weeks, my neck pain was completely gone! I was amazed that after three months of chiropracting and physiotherapy, only two weeks of Yoga with Peter resolved my problem. I learned a valuable lesson: your body won’t be adjusted by external treatment, the treatment has to come from within yourself, you are the driver of your body! What’s next Even though my major physical problems were resolved, I felt like I could find something more in Yoga, something that I couldn’t find in sports or anything else. See, when I heard Yoga before coming to Peter, there was a label about the word, which is normal since most Western Yoga has become like the stereotypical women oriented and sport oriented trend. But I feel so lucky to have found Peter, because I would describe his practice more as a Soul Science Engineering: it is a way to tap into yourself, into a certain state of mind that should be normal for everyone but which is not because of our society’s way of living. After only 4 months of disciplined practice, my lifestyle has completely shifted on every level. My health habits are better: I eat better, I sleep better, I feel better; and it’s not because I’m trying from a mind conception, I literally just feel like it. My personal habits have gotten better: I read a lot more profound books, I waste almost no time on meaningless video games or social medias, I am a lot more focused when it comes to academical stuff and I’m practicing postures or meditating everyday. Also, my reflexes have weirdly gotten better, I’ve become more open-minded on every aspects of life, my perspective on life has completely shifted, my anxiety is almost reduced to none ( it was really high before), and my overall choices have gotten more linked with who I really am ( I’ve come to understand myself better). To sum up, Yoga or, as Peter would call it, Soul Science Engineering is more than a simple activity than you go to, it’s a guidance for life that changes everything from your breath to your mind. Personally, there’s still a long way to go on my path, because we really never stop growing, but I can’t see myself without the practice of Soul Science Engineering in my life and I feel really blessed to have stumbled upon Peter while searching for a Yoga place.

8 months

★★★★★What a blessing to have found this place and also have the honour of meeting Peter who is infinitely generous and giving in his instruction! I am convinced that there could not be a better place to nourish the body and soul. Attending Peter’s classes is a long overdue gift I am giving myself! Thank you!

loved it

9 months

★★★★★The best yoga studio i have ever been with the true essence of yoga. Been here for over 5 months now... I only wish I found this place earlier!! Peter is genuine, experienced and dedicated. Unlike most modern yoga studios which focus mainly on the aesthetic appearance of studio & equipments and the physical aspect of yoga, here at kali yoga it offers a holistic approach of body, mind and spirit advancement/wellbeing. If you want authenticity, this is the place.

loved it

9 months

★★★★★Wow! After 15 years + of having had the privilege and grace of many gifts & teachings of wonderful yoga teachers...I've come across the real deal!!! Peter at Kali Yuga Yoga is wise beyond words with such warmth & compassion that envelopes you like that of a BIG hug. The ease with which he shares his deep wisdom and profound teachings is uncanny and all in an environment of simplicity & unconditional acceptance. I feel I've discovered True Yoga

10 months

★★★★★Although I had been to other Yoga studios and attended other Yoga classes, I never quite experienced Yoga like I do at Kali Yuga Yoga. Peter teaches Yoga as the spiritual practice that it truly is. He also encourages you to listen to the wisdom of your body and work with it rather than trying to force your body into a pose. If you are looking for a trendy Yoga Studio to show off your flexibility and all the poses you can do or any other way to feed your Ego, this is not the place for you. You won't find 20 different "modernized" forms of Yoga here. A session with Peter at Kali Yuga Yoga is always an experience that leaves me grounded and fully aware of my mind and body. Whenever I get too caught up in the day to day stresses and social pressures, nothing brings me back to myself like a session at Kali Yuga Yoga. Namaste

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