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7600 boulevard Viau
Montréal, QCH1S 2P3

(514) 370-5166

Opening Hours

Monday 6:00-23:00
Tuesday 6:00-23:00
Wednesday 6:00-23:00
Thursday 6:00-23:00
Friday 6:00-23:00
Saturday 8:00-20:00
Sunday 8:00-20:00

Activities & Amenities



  • Fitness Club/Studio


  • Open Gym
  • Group Classes


  • Bootcamp

Yoga & Pilates

  • Yoga

Sports & Activities

  • Cycling

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liked it

7 days

★★★★Good gym to build your body and very cheap

loved it

5 months

★★★★★This is one of the nicest econofitness there is. Lots of light and it's clean

liked it

6 months

★★★★The staff member we dealt with was very nice and spoke English as well as French. There is always parking whether inside or out so that's a bonus. It would be nice to have some staff members walking around to explain how some of the machines work to new members BUT I guess we can always ask someone. The place is a little crowded but we can still find machines that are available. The only complaint I have is that other Econo Fitness gyms have bottles to clean the machines this one doesn't seem to have any. Kind of disgusting when you need to use a machine that someone sweaty has just used. Would be nice to have some bottles and paper for us to use to clean the machines.

hated it

6 months

★★★★The employee clearly told me in French ICI NOUS PARLONS Français !! Yes I called head office in Laval to complain and left message your the lady Nancy Lamer and she never called me back. !! Here we are a month later and Econofitness doesn’t care. They don’t even comment on my review. I guess all the English speaking people are not welcome !!! Great job Econofitness very professional and nice example!!! For all you English speak people do not go to this gym ! I simply asked the employee to please explain what she was saying in English! She immediately replied that we speak French with a tone of voice that I just got all confused and was shock ! I just stayed quit and paused for 10 seconds and then said to the lady employee. In French I told her. Do you realize what you said and she just had no reaction and didn’t care. The employee told me in French ICI, Nous PARLONS Français !!! Yes the employee was young and just busy on her phone texting but she does represent Econofitness. The new Logo for Econofitness is if you don’t speak French in the gym , well you are not welcomed . When I told her that I would complain , I can tell you that she didn’t care and had no reaction and just said Complain !!! I did call the head office and Laval and I spoke to the reception and explained the story and they said they willhave Nancy Lamer call me back . Today is over one week and no call back . So I can see that the people that are representing Econofitness don’t care and are not doing there job. People whom act this way should be immediately send home. There is no excuses for this behaviour. Yes I have contacted the Media on this . The heading will be ICI NOUS PARlONS FRANÇAIS!!! Great job Nancy Lamer you literally did nothing concerning my complain . So English speaking and all non Quebecers if you don’t speak English at Econofitness be careful . Have a great day

liked it

7 months

★★★★This has been one of my preferred econofitness. It's clean and well maintained.

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