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Le Sud-Ouest

1708A rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montréal, QCH3J 1M3

(514) 866-7138

Opening Hours

Monday 9:00-22:00
Tuesday 9:00-22:00
Wednesday 9:00-22:00
Thursday 9:00-22:00
Friday 9:00-22:00
Saturday -
Sunday -

Activities & Amenities



  • Fitness Club/Studio


  • Health Services
  • Towel Service

Specialty Classes

  • Weight-Loss


  • Personal Training
  • Semi-Private Training
  • Sport-Specific Training

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hated it

2 months

★★★★What about mental health?! -worst trainer I have ever had: NANCY TANG -DNA AND Nancy Tang took advantage of me, my money, and left me in the hospital. After paying over $700 a month, I received terrible, unplanned workouts, terrible criticism and negativity: a major lack of training which was not at all worth over $700 a month! My appointed trainer, Nancy Tang, and her maltreatment towards me (described below), should have resulted with getting my money back, instead the owner had me pay more to leave! I went to DNA to get trained for the upcoming SAF competition years ago. I know anyone reading this is probably wondering why I waited so long to do or say something about this. I have stayed silent about what happened to me out of embarrassment, but the longer the time goes on the more upset I get abut this terrible experience I had at DNA. And how it has impacted my self esteem and my life to this day! I was given a “new” trainer, they said, Nancy Tang. Nancy and I were going to compete in the same upcoming competition called Serious About Fitness, the same competition she was training me for. She knew I would have done anything to do well, and I did. Over the weeks I noticed that she would leave me during workouts. She claimed she was sending emails during the time I payed to have with her. She would leave a socialize with other people, and she would be unprepared. she was not interested in helping me at all! She would not record the workouts and during many sessions she stated that she forgot what my progress was because she had not been recording anything! When paying OVER $700 a month to be trained, I would, AT THE VERY LEAST, expect her to record my reps, sets, and weight in order to try to push harder and to push through the previously attained goal. She did no such thing. She would just eat food during my workouts, guess what to do, take time rearranging the workout (because she had not planned in advance). Also, during our sessions she would say negative things to me such as “you’ll never be able to do this competition,” “you look very bad, so don’t look at me,” etc. I would never receive anything positive from this immature child of a trainer. When I would walk into the DNA studio, instead of saying hello, and INSTEAD of asking me how I was, she would tell me that could see the fat on my shoulders, for example. During workouts she would be very negative towards me, and was barely interested in my workout. When she would say her negative comments to me, she would add, “DON’T ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME,” while I’m thinking: omg I can’t believe she said that horrible comment to me and I’M LOOKING AWAY because I’m TRYING NOT TO CRY! She would talk to other men working out at the same gym at the same time in my same area and they would make fun of how hard I was breathing and training. The atmosphere was very negative. Finally when I was hospitalized for the final and biggest panic attack, Nancy Tang texted me (after I told her I was in the hospital), and WHILE LAYING IN THE HOSPITAL BED I RECEIVED THISLAST TERRIBLE INHUMAN TEXT FROM THIS WOMAN (before I blocked her): -she said something about not wanting to be my trainer because she could tell there was something wrong with me she said I deserved to be there (in the hospital) because... “I could tell you were lost.” She said. This was upsetting. I’ve been told that I’m very naive and I believe I was taken advantage of and preyed upon by Nancy Tang at bith DNA locations. She knew I would have done anything for the completion and she sabotaged my workouts and my self belief, my self esteem, and more. I write this years after it happened because I believe my voice should be heard. This terrible experience continues to cause me distress... Why should I be silent?! I feel this is a human rights issue! I was taken advantage of and mistreated. What about mental health? When will compassion overcome evil predators? Those who are preyed upon and taken advantage of should speak up!!

loved it

over 1 year


loved it

over 2 years

★★★★★Great People, awesome location

over 2 years

★★★★★I have learned so much about fitness and nutrition at DNA. Absolutely love the atmosphere and the friendly trainers. So happy to have found a place that only focuses on personal training. It is the perfect little gem !

loved it

over 2 years

★★★★★professional trainers , helps you to reach your goals. Have a nice little cafe with the best healthy snacks

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