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3240 rue Jean-Yves
Kirkland, QCH9J 2R6

Opening Hours

Monday 24 hrs
Tuesday 24 hrs
Wednesday 24 hrs
Thursday 24 hrs
Friday 24 hrs
Saturday 24 hrs
Sunday 24 hrs

Activities & Amenities



  • Fitness Club/Studio


  • Open Gym
  • Group Classes


  • Private Showers
  • 24/7

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found it okay

15 days

★★★★★Pricing seems good, place looks clean, has decent looking equipment selection and setup. I haven't had a chance to sign up yet though, as when I went I had trouble getting served, a worker even saw me walk up to the counter looked at me and walked away, and another worker was on their phone, so I left shortly after. I'll update my review when I can get a chance to join and experience the gym. UPDATE: Took a little bit to be served, but when I was the staff was very friendly. I managed to get in on a deal so it was even cheaper than expected. Equipment selection is decent but sometimes all of what you'd like to use is in use. I am a little annoyed that ALL of the abdominal machines are only in a circuit section so you cannot really usd them unless you're doing the circuit or if no one is doing the circuit. Place can be pretty busy, so I'd recommend avoiding the peak hours. UPDATE 2: About a third to half of the lockers in the men's locker room are broken, they will not lock even with a lock on them. I told staff about three months ago but nothing came of it. Also, the water from the fountain outside the men's locker room is always cloudy, so if you want water use the one outside the women's locker room.

26 days

★★★★★Great gym that costs between 10-20$ depending on which membership you choose! 24/7 great service always update their equipment and the gym is not lacking anything but a steam room! Great community and super cheap!

loved it

28 days

★★★★★Great gym. It’s very no-frills — but that’s what you’re paying for, because you aren’t paying very much. This is a cheap gym. There is a lot of equipment, but the gym is very often packed. The space is huge but probably not big enough. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a really affordable gym, this is it.

hated it

about 1 month

★★★★They have 10,000 members there are too many people in the gym at peak hours, owners of are greedy and dont want to expand, it takes two weeks to repair machines, half the lockers dont work, gym is always a mess, if you want to have a proper workout DO NOT go there. Lastly the base membership comes out to almost 240$ after surcharges

loved it

6 months

★★★★★This is the best gym out there now a days very cheap and super affordable for everyone. They got great idea and super plans. And plenty of parking for everyone there is no reason to not lift If you live or work or pass by this place.

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