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Bois Summit
Westmount, QC

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  • Walking/Running

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15 days

★★★★★Great little woods in a very beautiful residential area. Superb view of Montreal on the summit circle Belvedere.

liked it

16 days

★★★★Nice words great place to run your dog close to downtown also parking available

found it okay

29 days

★★★★★The view was nice but it's too cold to have a stayed a bit longer, best time to go is during the summer season

loved it

about 2 months

★★★★★If you like dogs, this is usually a pleasant place for walks. Birdwatching in the spring.

loved it

about 2 months

★★★★★Unfortunately, that’s the only place in CDN area where you can walk you dog off leash. The park is great especially in winter time when you can let the dogs run around all day long! 1-2 rounds is more than enough for a good start of the day for you and your dog!

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Find a park, municipal facility, fitness studio or gym in Westmount. Click here to discover the 20 listings in this borough. There are almost 3 years left until summer! What are you waiting for?

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