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Le Plateau-Mont-Royal

435 avenue Laurier Est
Montréal, QCH2J 1E6

(514) 303-6013

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11 months

★★★★★This is the best bikram yoga in Montreal

loved it

about 2 years

★★★★★I have been doing Bikram yoga since 2005 after doing Hatha for years. Once I discovered Bikram I have never looked back. If you want to get an intense workout while doing yoga then give Bikram a try. It is at once incredibly rejuvenating and calorie-burning (expect 600+ calories burned during your workout). The yoga instructors at this studio are very friendly and helpful. And despite Bikram Choudhury himself insisting on the use of carpet in all of his yoga studios, thankfully, this Laurier location has decided to go against Bikram's edict and they have recently replaced the carpet with vinyl floors and the difference is wonderful!

loved it

almost 3 years

★★★★★Some of the comments below or totally unfair and mainly stem from ignorance. This is Bikram yoga, not all yoga is alike and it differs great depending on the guru who starter the school. This is not a yoga studio you go to chill out but it's a fantastic school. This is where you go to detox and work out. I have been doing Bikram for 5 years and though it can be crazy tough sometimes the results are worth it. Your body transforms, your mind transforms, your skin transforms. If you do it 3 times a week for a month you will wake up feeling healthy and rejuvenated every morning, ready to take in the world. At least that has been my experience... If you like challenging yourself and are into trying to reach a kind of peak physical perfection than I recommend this place.

found it okay

almost 4 years

★★★★★Good enough for what it is. Very scripted, including advice to 'go beyond your flexibility' and that 'your back should hurt'. Not great for beginners in yoga. Compared to other practices, the teachers are more like guides, parroting the scripture without thought. The class is the same every time. Also the carpet they insist on using is a problem if you arrive later in the day, as you can smell stale sweat from halfway up the stairs. Otherwise the windows are very nice and the people are pleasant and very bilingual. Read up on Bikram yoga before joining.

hated it

almost 4 years

★★★★They are almost neighbors to my appartement; believe me, I wanted to love them. They are physically extra skilled, but there are three reasons why I'll never go back even if I ever get as sportive as them. The smell of the carpets that cover the entire place is unbearable (and far from hygienic, since we sweat a lot), you can imagine how the postures with face near to the ground is torture. The teachers CAN'T STOP TALKING; they sound exactly like auctioneers! Good luck to find your inner focus , strength or spirituality. The room is burning (I am used to hot yoga, I am client to Moksha for the last two years and I love it) but it's suffocating and burning your lungs at Bikram. Since I was still sick from my digestive system when I went, I wanted to give them another try, but I can't since I know that those three reasons will annoy me whatever my health condition will be.

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