Shri Yoga



4846 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, 2e étage
Westmount, QCH3Z 1G8

(514) 508-7474

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a adoré

environ un an

★★★★★I love this studio, one of the few real studios left. If you want your ego stoked, go elsewhere. If you want real yoga, one founded on actual philosophy and wisdom, this is your place.

a détesté

presque 2 ans

★★★★I originally signed up for one of their beginner classes, because I wanted to learn more about Yoga, become more active in the yoga community events. I emailed them, they scheduled an appointment with this yoga newbie instructor. The other instructor seemed to be out of the town during that week. I arrived to the yoga studio, this woman with curly blond hair asked me to wait at the corner for everyone to arrive. This woman rolled her eyes at me, it seemed that she was not happy to see me at all. The class started, this woman jumps at me, yelling could you please take your socks off? I was wearing Toe Topper Liner Socks, not socks. Maybe this woman needs to educate herself about yoga socks, how there are many yoga socks on the market available right now! I have attended yoga classes before, never was asked to remove anything. I had two pair, one for inside the yoga class and the other one when I leave the classroom. It would have been nicer if she could have informed at the end of class, not during the yoga class in front of everyone. During the Yoga class, she opened all the windows and all I could hear was the noises and the dust coming from Westmount construction. She kept commenting that I can’t pose properly, was very pushy, rude and not helpful at all. At some point, I was so annoyed with her behavior, I felt like attending Stanley Milgram's electric-shock experiment rather than yoga class. A yoga class should be a relaxing, friendly environment not a place to embarrass someone, make them feel uncomfortable about their skills. At the end of class, she asked me not to come to her classes anymore that I am not good at yoga. I am really glad that I never went back to her class, she was a terrible instructor and really miserable person inside.

a adoré

presque 2 ans

★★★★★I find the teachers to have a deep understanding of yoga, philosophy, and authenticity to community and inclusivity. The space is calm & containing.

a trouvé correct

plus de 2 ans

★★★★★Studio is bright, open, airy and clean. Only tried two so cannot say for all of them, but one of the beginner class had 'tailbone tuck in', round back in cat pose, come out of the pose with vertebra by vertebra rounded back which are all against the human anatomy and bad for the spine which will make the nervous system tired so some who are teaching this should restudy alignment.

a adoré

plus de 6 ans

★★★★★I've met one of my closest friends through this studio - it's such a great way to start or end the day. It's a true community! Very clean, very professional! The teachers are so helpful! Cannot wait for my next class!!

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