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Côte-Des-Neiges — Notre-Dame-De-Grâce

6434 avenue Somerled
Montréal, QCH4V 1S2

(514) 481-4008

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  • Studio/club de fitness

Conditionnement physique

  • Cours de groupe

Sports de combat

  • Taekwondo

Cours specialisés

  • Programme jeunesse

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a adoré

16 jours

★★★★★Grand master Kim and his team are the best. If you are looking for a traditional martial arts institution with a program to develop your mind and body. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kim's Taekwondo!

a adoré

17 jours

★★★★★Before joining Kim’s Taekwondo, we visited a few schools and we are super happy with our choice. This school is best suited for our daughter. Grand Master Kim and his instructors are very knowledgable and professional. They are using traditional Korean philosophy and discipline to teach all students to understand not only Taekwondo but also provide the children tools to structure their lives and communicate with manner and respect with each other as good human beings. The school is always welcoming and feel like a second home. After more than a year just waiting for our kid, we have decided to join and practice as well. The practice help you to stay healthy, discipline, self confident, and like I mentioned before RESPECTFUL of others and treat others right. This school nurture a very diverse group of students from around the world and who are very nice to each other. Highly recommended for all ages, genders and origins.

a adoré

18 jours

★★★★★Absolutely the best Taekwondo school. Since my daughter started a year and a half ago this school has become like our extended family. Starting with the Grand Master, all of the wonderful instructors and staff are very welcoming and professional. The positive changes in my daughter are all thanks to Kim's Taekwondo School. Highly recommend!

a détesté

23 jours

★★★★this institution is a racial discrimination place! the owner believes that the South Koreans are superior to others. Be careful Don't go here!!!

a détesté

24 jours

★★★★L'institution a la discrimination contre les parents,la personne travaille là a injurie grossièrement les parents. Très mauvaise expérience.

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Côte-Des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-De-Grâce comprend plusieurs gyms, studios, parcs et installations municipales. Cliquez ici pour voir les 50 établissements dans cet arrondissement. Il vous reste presque 4 ans avant l'été ! Qu'attendez-vous ?

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