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Côte-Des-Neiges — Notre-Dame-De-Grâce

6434 avenue Somerled
Montréal, QCH4V 1S2

(514) 481-4008

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12 jours

★★★★★Whether you are a novice in martial arts or an experienced practitioner, Kim's Taekwondo is second to none. Old school TKD mixed with modern, efficient and well thought-out training techniques and drills honed over generations of teaching. Whether you are looking for a workout, self defense training or to compete, this is the best place for it, and more. The staff is very competent, professional and patient. During training, there are either instructors, the master or Grand master present to pace the drills and day's teachings, offering guidance. They are always insightful, never overbearing. As the years passed, what to me started out as a way to defend myself became much more. What I initially thought of only as a fighting style turned into a way of life. The dojang, a training ground at first, became my second home. Whatever your reason of training or motivation, there is always a place for you at Kim's Taekwondo.

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13 jours

★★★★★Grand master Kim changed my life. I was referred by a close friend. I was looking for a Taekwondo school with traditional roots applying the true philosophy behind martial arts. Thanks to Grand master Kim, Taekwondo has become a lifestyle for me. I would highly recommend Grand master Kim's dojang. It is the best you can find.

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18 jours

★★★★★I have been training here for over 3 years. I am so happy with my experience at Kim's Taekwondo. The instructors have become like family to me. Always encouraging me to become a better version of myself and guiding me in positive directions. I

a détesté

4 mois

★★★★I am currently a student at Kims Taekwondo and would say that it's a great martial school despite the fact that: 1. Grand Master Kim spends most of his time watching movies in his office instead of teaching. (Absolute facts; see for yourself.) 2. All students are charged different prices based off their gullibility or how easily parents are manipulated (In Korea belts and tests should cost no more than $40 in total however, they charge between $100 - $600 depending on which belt.) 3. All students MUST bow to the Grand Master Kim but he doesn't bow back ever. How is this "respect"? 4. From speaking to current instructors who teach all the classes, I learned that they are unpaid (which is illegal.) 5. You will never get a receipt (unless you ask for one.) *You are not even supposed to need to ask for a receipt in an established business* 6. Instructors are forced to engage in mandatory cleaning of the space (also unpaid.) Instructors were also the ones who demolished the 2 pillars in the front Dojang (WITH NO SAFETY EQUIPMENT OR A PROPER LICENSE WHICH IS ALSO ILLEGAL.) 7. Their overall goal is to train kids from a young age, and by the time they become black belts, make them instructors who work for free (ASK THE INSTRUCTORS YOURSELF IF THEY ARE PAID OR NOT AND HOW LONG THEY'VE TRAINED FOR.) 8. The Grand Master consistently swears at young children in Korean. (IF YOU ASK HIM WHAT HE'S SAYING, HE'LL CLAIM THAT HE'S USING APPROPRIATE TERMS SUCH AS "BAD BOY" AND "NAUGHTY". ) 9. Students are often manipulated into signing contracts without even reading over them. THE LIST GOES ON. BUT KEEP THESE IN MIND BEFORE SIGNING UP OR EVEN CONTINUING TO ATTEND.

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5 mois

★★★★★Excellent teachings for the kid. If you want your child to learn Martial Art and build their confidence, character while learning to defend themselves, this is the place.

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